No matter how complicated your switcher set up is, you can quickly save it to your computer for fast recall any time you need it. Macros are saved as XML files that can be edited and combined together using a standard text editor. Simply choose the transition type and adjust its parameters. Your ATEM live production switcher preview video can be seen on your multi view screen or on a monitor connected to the switchers SDI preview output. Automatic transitions are smooth but often do not have the subtlety needed when mixing between wide and close up angles of performances like music performances. Auto Transition You can customize the duration of transitions anywhere from 1 to frames and then use the auto button for smooth, perfectly timed transitions. Macros let you automate complex sequences of actions on your switcher that would be difficult to do during a live production.

blackmagic atem switcher software

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On Air Select keyers on air live!

blackmagic atem switcher software

Simply set your preferred transition rate between 1 and frames using the ATEM software control, and every time you hit the AUTO button your ATEM live production switcher will perform a perfectly timed, blackmaggic transition.

Choose from mix, dip, wipe or even DVE transitions, then use the auto button to trigger transitions immediately when you switch sources, or use the fader bar for full manual control! Producing large live events such as professional and college sports, concerts, worship services, and educational events requires a high performance team. Wipe Transitions Blackmagjc over different styles from the 18 built in wipe pattens.


ATEM Production Studio 4K

Transition Control The transition control block gives you fast access to quickly select transition styles and set timing sofgware the fly during live production. When the auto button is turned on, switching between sources will automatically add the transition.

blackmagic atem switcher software

The most experienced vision switchers know that sometimes the only way to get a dramatic multi camera mix during live performances is with manual fader control! Macros are saved as XML files that can be edited and combined together using a standard text editor. The direct advantage of the layout is that both the upstream and downstream keyers are going to overlay on top of the main source.

Switcher Snapshot Save the switcher state! The world’s first Ultra HD 4K live production switcher! Smooth automatic transitions bpackmagic easy with the auto transition button.

ATEM Software Control

Simply choose the transition type and you can adjust all the individual parameters. You get the most efficient live production workflow with ATEM! Transition Control ATEM Switchers are designed to give you fast and flexible control during live production operation.

Selecting fade to black again will bllackmagic fade up from black at the same rate. You can connect up to 4 HyperDecks as sources, see a list of clips on each one, select a clip, cue it, pre-roll, and play it back at any time.

blackmagic atem switcher software

To record a macro simply open the macro window, select record and then operate your switcher to automatically store every setting you change.

Then, back at the video switcher, you can have multiple people using control panels and laptops all connected to the switcher and working on the same show at the same time.


Learn more about Hardware. When you need fast, precision keying you can use the software controls switchr adjust keying with high accuracy. Switcher Snapshot Quickly save your switcher setup at any time so you can recall it instantly! Choose from over 35 dramatic DVE moves that will bring an extra level of excitement to your production. Consequentially, creating a broadcast or composition can be done a lot faster and more efficiently.

You can record everything from transitions between video sources, key effects, graphics and more then save them for use during your live production. ATEM gives you precise transition adjustments! Learn more about Hardware. Learn more about Camera Control. Any updated media is added to the media folder and mapped to the latest XML as you switchfr saving.

Setting up your switcher is so easy with the ATEM software control because everything has been laid out so that settings are fast to change as required.

Download Blackmagic ATEM Switchers

Quickly save your switcher setup at any time so you can recall it instantly! The switcher palettes are on the right side of the switcher control and are fast and logical to use. You can also fully configure the multi view output by arranging the camera inputs and program view into 4 different arrangements.

Create over different styles from the 18 built in wipe pattens.