Enter the Longitude and Latitude. Startup Configuration Keys This allows you to turn on the scanner with the Favorites List enabled for scan. Key Beep Allows you to turn the key beep on or off and adjust the volume level. Available for use to identify team frequencies for racing events. Other settings such as range, service types selected, enabled Favorites Lists, weather settings, display and audio settings also define a profile. Make sure Service Types you want to monitor are checked.

bcd536hp sentinel software

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bcd536hp sentinel software

Zoftware set Broadcast Select each common band desired. Default – Sets the scanner to the default threshold of 8, Auto. However, deleting a Favorites List will delete it from all profiles. You will see ” Close Call Hits ” in the display when the Department is scanned if any hits have been received. The computer must be connected to the Internet for the following steps.

Uniden Sentinel

The location in blue type is the current location. Name the list, navigate to a location, and click Save.

Schools School-related communications schools, school buses, football games, etc. The scanner moves to the next system after the hold time expires, any current transmission ends, and the channel delay time expires. If you select size code 12, 13, or 14, these restrictions apply:.


Uniden BCD536HP Support

Delete Channel Click to select a Department. The Sentinel Software allows you to manage your profiles, Favorites Lists, the database, and firmware updates.

bcd536hp sentinel software

The Sentinel software allows you to download your profile from the scanner, edit, save, and create new profiles to upload them back to the scanner. Departments are typically used for the various Agencies that you listen to within a system. Enabling and disabling Favorites Lists within a profile is part of defining a profile.

If you create a new profile in the software, your Favorites Lists will be included but not enabled with the new profile. Non-law enforcement security operations, including private security companies, noncommissioned government agency security, school security, etc.

Editing Tips Contents Note: Open Squelch – The backlight stays on only when the squelch is open.

Uniden Sentinel Software | Scanner Master Blog

Emergency Alert This sets how your scanner audibly alerts you to IDs that have the emergency flag set. Press “E” to select “Mass Storage”. Emergency Alert Light This sets how your scanner visually alerts you to IDs that have the emergency flag sentknel. How to view these pages in your browsers. Click to select Favorites List then to move up, or to move down.


Bcx536hp you want to submit corrections or additions to the database got to the Radio Reference database and click the Submit Info button. Click Edit Favorites List and double-click a list to edit. Click on the ” View ‘ menu in the Favorites List Editor. Right click on device and select “Update Driver Software.

Expand the System and click the Site to select, softwaer select each tab in the right pane. Law enforcement tactical, SWAT, on-scene, surveillance and specific sub-agency communications. If you select size code 12, 13, or 14, these restrictions apply: Expand the Database to Nationwide Systems for any state. Select Nationwide Systems so you can see them in the right pane. Click to select and enter the name, lower, and upper frequencies.

Fire-Tone-Out will monitor up to 32 different channels for paging tones two-tone sequential, single tone, and group tone. See also Review Avoids.