Second was Iko, which they changed because a game already existed with a similar name Ico. May 1, – 4: Ask saltyaro a question ask arokai salty amatonormativity marriage my post. FileSystem is being used for file management on the server end. May 4, – 3: The mods might kick you if they find out you’re under-age, though.

arokai canine editor

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Not only is the creator a complete and utter nightmare, but the graphics itself look horrendous. We’ve been in development for a few years now. Detailed textures will be used always for aesthetic effect.

Arokai Canine Editor

Onowlpreviously Superfeeshis an artist and previously a programmer, who was the lead programmer and creator of Aro’kai. So far, everything’s been communication problems I am also uncomfortable with it in some contexts.

On the ‘good side’ are Wolves, Deer, and Gryphons. Board index All times are UTC. The only thing I do now with FH is make designs, and I don’t even do that anymore. Um, Superfeesh mentioned though that she may give the project away to other people? Ultimately, Arokai is planned to be an artistic game that encourages creativity. May 4, – Please note that this is not a finished product.


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Well, she said she might in the notes from the creator-download. During this time the species expanded from canines to several others. Yes it is a very interesting game in mind what the quality and movement Interestno when it comes out?

I don’t understand how Lions are bad either Lions think lions are good, and editpr think owls are good. It won’t be all smiles and sunshine, and quite a few of the members probably won’t have any problem with talking about ‘mature’ topics.

arokai canine editor

Keep in mind a large chunk of our source was lost at one point, so much of this will need to be redone. May 1, – 6: That gay asian game arokai 6.

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However, if they shut Arokai down, they would’ve a lot of work lost. SO while cleaning out my downloads folder, I apparently still had several Arokai things still in there that dodged the Arokai purge of my pc. You can help WikiFur by adding references. Nor will the Aro’kai download.

arokai canine editor

Not all the ‘evil’ have to be bad, just like all the ‘heroes’ on’t have to be good. Why are felines on the “bad” side though? Unfortunately, the further along we go, the less time I find myself having able to dedicate to Aro’kai. The official date of when she started to be impersonated, and when she disappeared is unknown.


In amongst the files is the Canine creator. I’ve been so excited for this.

I never imagined we’d ever get this far. Ask aroacepositivityplace a question ask arokai. A lot of support was gained during this time and soon after they changed aroai name to Aro’kai, which was it’s last name. But, if there were too many known people under 13, Arokai could legally be shut down for violation of federal law, which would be REALLY not fair to everyone else: