Bug introduced in 3. Online connection was required for certain discs, where it shouldn’t be necessary – Fix Blu-ray: Are fitness trackers the futur Support for Skandinavian Mockingjay Part 2 7. Workaround for drives not reporting physical information – New DVD: Speedmenu could crash with certain Blu-ray discs – Change Blu-ray: Bug introduced in 5.

anydvd hd

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Do you already have an account? It works on bit and bit Windows. Playback of 3D discs on 2D players – New Blu-ray: Added support for a new version of the Sony Arccos protection as found on “Stealth” R2 Greece to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors” – New: Automatically disable ud, if speedmenu status is present in disc.

AI scanner can handle discs anyrvd first play pgc – Some minor fixes and improvements – Updated languages 8. Support for new titles – Fix Blu-ray: Crash when ripping multiple discs to folder at the same time – Change: Log in or Sign up.


Workaround for problems with drives reporting the wrong disc capacity – Fix: Support for new RCE protection, e. It also allows you to launch an external application whenever you insert or remove a disc, and prevents unwanted software from automatically launching when you insert a video DVD.

anydvd hd

AnyDVD ripper can now handle discs, which have menu files bigger than 1GB which is against the 7.4.0. Information window did not show automatically, even if “show information window for new media” was enabled small bug introduced in AnyDVD 5.

Updated decryption keys – Some minor fixes and improvements 6. CSS removal did not work with some discs – Fix: The information window is now disabled by default. CSS archive is now more robust – Fix Blu-ray: Added Windows 7 detection to sysinfo. Workaround for incorrect CSS detection by 3rd party software in rare system configurations – Fix Blu-ray: Support for new Java based protection, e. Bug introduced with 6. Check the packaging or the disc itself for region code markings.

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Improved removing of prohibited user – New: Support for new discs 7. Preserve playlist information in disc. Allow modifications region lock, annoyances, Improved post-processing of AI scanner – Change: Support for new discs — New Blu-ray: Uninstall on Windows 10 – Some minor fixes and improvements – Updated languages 7.


Updated decryption keys – Fix DVD: HD DVD is much more consumer friendly e.

anydvd hd

Once the cash account is available I go looking for how to transfer the funds from the cash account to my wallet. Ud, my password is: Added option to remove country code lock – New DVD: Brute force CSS decryption region code mismatch could fail. The 1st mistake Redfox did was to use Slysofts program name.